First ever blog post: Serve God Fervently Now (in the “little” ways too!)

Ok so for my first blog post, I am going to rant. Sorry, they won’t all be like this, but this one is necessary.Why is it that we, speaking of young Christians, particularly highschool and college students, talk the talk of a sold out Christian, yet we do not, in most practical situations, act like Christ!

Sure, we will be fist to sign up for a youth activity, perhaps we even go as far as to go on a mission trip. But when we get to class, we refuse to smile at the kid across the room who looks lonely. We refuse to acknowledge the fact that the foreign student sitting beside us in class could use our notes to catch up. We sit with our friends and tell an off-color joke, unaware of the fact that everything that we say, shapes even our closest friends perceptions of us.

Yeah, the mission trips are important. Of course youth activities are to edify the body of Christ, but whatever happened to being a Christian in everyday life first? And why do we act like we have surrendered our entire lives to Christ, when we won’t even get out of bed for Sunday school, and our daily devotions are sporadic at best! I wish that my generation (including me) would get ahold of God NOW! If only we would stop waiting and solely focusing on the “big stuff” and realize that it is the “little stuff” that not only God notices, but that this dying world that we should be focusing on reaching sees.

God doesn’t care about how great our intentions are or how big our future plans for Him are; He cares about who we are for Him and what we do for Him NOW! (And yes I realize that this was really short and incredibly unorganized in style, but nevertheless, it needed to be said, and I am tired!)