Dear God, Thank You!

So today my blog post is not going to be a rant. Neither is it going to be a deep thought that will leave my reader stunned and/or ready to go set the universe aflame. Today, this blog is simply me expressing my praise in the best way that I know how— writing it out. I have always used writing as a way to express my feelings, my thoughts, and often my dreams. Right now, in writing, I would just like to thank the Lord for what He has done in my life.

It is miraculous how God ALWAYS steps in at just the right time. There are countless songs that come to mind when I think of that. Lately, God has been stepping in “just in the knick of time,” not that that is accurate because God always knows when the right time is.

The other day I was stressing big time about something that was totally out of my control. Driving to my friends house that morning, I began to pray. A couple hours later, I received a phonecall that really mended the problem greatly. That has happened a couple of other times in the last week also.

Suprisingly though, I have found that the most amazing blessings are the ones that I didn’t really even pray for let alone expect. For instance, the other day, someone who I would never imagine would even think of me, simply told me they were praying for me. It made all of the difference in the world.

Numerous “little things” have happened in the past week that have been nothing short of a blessing. God is so good. But even in the rough patches where God’s hand isn’t so clear, for the child of the King who loves Him, He is still there!

There really is no amazing moral to the story today. The thoughts were concise. No deep theological implications were presented here. Today, I just wanted to publically say to God, my Creator and Savior, thank you for everything!