The Story of Your Life……

So I was lying in bed tonight and I had a thought come to me. I don’t have to be anyone else in the world besides Myriah! Conversely, the decisions I make, the convictions I hold, the calling I have, and the thoughts I think do not have to be anyone else’s! There is a story written expressly about my life! Sometimes I start comparing my life to others, and I have found that this is when I become dissatisfied. But my satisfaction in life should come from my knowing that I have done God’s will for my life. Satisfaction should be achieved in knowing that i am living the story that God wants me to.

Sometimes I think things “randomly fall into place” at random times. The funny thing is that for a child of the King, which I am, nothing is random. My preacher was preaching the other day, and a verse really stuck with me. It was Psalm 139:16. You should read it, but it basically says God has a book, and in it is written what’s going to happen to me. That is a baffling thought. I don’t decide my fate, God does. He has. It’s in a book.

Boy! I love books. Have you ever noticed that the characters in the books make their own decisions, and we as readers are blind to their actions until they happen, but the author knows what;s next in the plot. I may be taking things out of context here, but humor me for a minute. I picture this book of Myriah’s life as God is sitting in heaven, and He knows what step I am going to take next. He knows what I am going to say when. But the character in the book is the one making the decision. If the character makes a wrong decision, well, that’s an integral part of the story. It’s never the pretty part, but it’s there. If something miraculous happens in the characters life, it was sanctioned by the author. I think in a lot of ways this is how by Text-Enhance” href=”#”>life works.

It’s refreshing to know, especially for someone given to impetuous decisions like myself, that God has this story of my life already written down. He knows what will happen, and best of all, it is my story. It was written for me, not for anyone else. If I were living someone else’s life, well that would be an unoriginal story, and I’d like to believe that since God designed everything, that He is original.

I don’t have a deepapplication for this blog. I simply wanted to encourage those who feel as though they are flying blind in life that they aren’t; God knows what’s next!