Oops, I’m Falling!

So in the spirit of all the snow and ice that I am surrounded by in West Kentucky, I thought I would write a blog about falling. I’ve done my share of slipping, falling, jumping off my sled before I end up in a pond, and scooting down stairs on my butt so I didn’t completely wipe out! I’ve also done my share of falling in other ways in the past year or so. People always tell you that falling is bad. And obviously it is. I mean, you usually are sore, sometimes you get scratched, and a lot of times, you are grumpy and distrustful of anything that looks slippery for a long period after a fall. But it’s not always the worst thing ever.

So since I have become a pro at slipping, falling, sliding, and even learning when to jump off my sled, metaphorically and physically, I thought I would impart some wisdom to you. Here are 5 Myriah-facts about falling. Take them at face value, but also apply the physical facts to metaphorical situations. I will let you connect the dots.

#1- Slipping is not always bad. Yep, I said it. A little slip can be fun. I learned that slipping is basically sledding. Sure if you are not ready to slip, and you don’t have gloves on to catch yourself, you’re going to get cold. Even if you are ready, you will often end up getting minorly hurt. Usually when sledding or slipping, the next day you are sore. Something about it isn’t right. But usually you learn from whatever went wrong, and the next time you think you’re slipping, you are prepared to right your wrongs. Don’t always avoid slipping, though. It could constitute some of the best memories.

#2- Learn from your falls. This week, I learned that the subtle black stuff is usually more dangerous than the flamboyant white stuff. I learned to be careful. Sometimes this means that I go slower than everyone else. But the slower I go, the more protected I am. My falls hurt a little less when I am going slowly. Also, I don’t completely wipe out if I am going slowly. I know what to avoid doing next time there’s ice.

#3- Looking dumb is okay. Yep, right in front of people I will sit down and slide down the steps. Why? I do this because there is less of a chance of my falling if I am on my butt. And yes, there is a wet spot when I stand up. Who cares? I am safe.

#4- Don’t stay down after you fall. When I fall, I can lay there and cry. But the truth is, I just get wet, and colder. So stand up. Be more careful next time but keep walking.

#5- Going out in the snow is still more fun than sitting inside the house.

Well, this is simply what I’ve learned. Life and snow have taught me these things. Try them next time it snows or next time you think you’re “falling.” It may give you a new perspective!