Constructing the Transformation Center

Crossover 2014 volunteers help prepare a community transformation center designed to help rebuild a community in Baltimore, MD.

Interviews by Myriah Snyder.


Transformation Center gets Crossover touch

Originally published in Baptist Press –

BALTIMORE (BP) — From Federal Hill, Baltimore’s beauty is astounding. The streets near the Inner Harbor are teeming with tourists and busy locals. Families play at the park, people jog along the sidewalks and boats dot the still water on a beautiful Saturday morning. Baltimore truly appears to be “Charm City.”

But as one ventures away from the appeal of historic Baltimore into the nearby Brooklyn community, the scenery changes drastically.

The buildings, although possessing a tarnished beauty, become dilapidated; iron bars shield the windows. Buried beneath the rough exterior, the neighborhood is plagued by drug abuse and prostitution. Poverty and hunger riddle the area. Continue reading “Transformation Center gets Crossover touch”