Discovering Southern Baptists through an array of resources

Originally published in Baptist Press –

NASHVILLE (BP) — Southern Baptists seem to show up everywhere when people are searching for answers amid times of upheaval and emptiness.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers clad in yellow shirts and hats are quickly amid the debris and anguish from hurricanes on the East Coast, flooding in middle America or wildfires in the West. Southern Baptist missionaries carry the Gospel to both remote and urban areas in the Far East, the Mideast, Eastern Europe and Africa and Latin America. Southern Baptist church members volunteer at pregnancy crisis centers and food pantries across the United States.

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FIRST PERSON: What the SBC taught me

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BALTIMORE (BP) — I attended my first Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in June, and I realized that there was (and still is) much that I never knew about Southern Baptists.

In addition to simply learning some of the ins and outs of the SBC and Southern Baptist life, I found multiple reasons to be glad I’m a Southern Baptist.

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Meriam Ibrahim gains freedom from Sudan

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WASHINGTON (BP) — Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman whose death sentence caused an international outcry, arrived safely in Italy this morning (July 24).

Ibrahim, also known as Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, was flown on an Italian government jet to Rome with her husband, Daniel Wani, and two young children, Martin and Maya. Continue reading “Meriam Ibrahim gains freedom from Sudan”