Editorial: Drinking away your G.P.A.

Originally published in The Patriot — http://issuu.com/the_patriot/docs/fall_2014_issue__2_issuu

“University of the Cumberlands expects its students to refrain from the possession, or use of alcohol, whether legal or illegal…”

“A violation of these expectations may result in disciplinary action to include suspension or, in the case of a faculty or staff member, termination of employment.”

Ouch, dramatic much? Or is it?

Why does this school have such a strong policy against alcohol? Especially regarding use off campus, is it really necessary to regulate that?

Easy assumptions for why University of the Cumberlands has this rule are probably because we are a Christian school or maybe just that the administration wants to avoid being a “party school.”

These and other factors that I haven’t mentioned are probably part of the reason UC has such a strict no alcohol policy. However, the school didn’t just come up with these rules of the top of their head.

Actually, research shows that alcohol affects the way we perform in school greatly.

Any college student who wants to perform his or her best should rethink drinking, according to summarized research by Northwestern University.

There are three major areas that drinking effects academics, studies say.

–Class attendance

The study says that binge drinkers are likely to miss classes and fall behind in their work. Interestingly enough, it also says that the number of drinks someone has corresponds with the number of classes missed.

This should come as a caution to any college student. I know personally, as a non-drinker, that pulling myself out of bed and making it to class on time is not something that always happens. If these statistics are true, then how much more difficult is it to attend class regularly after consuming alcohol.

–Study time

Again, the study says that the more you drink, the worse your study habits will be.

Personally, I don’t think that a professional had to tell us that. Have you ever seen someone who was clearly wasted try to study? Your answer is probably no, because studying would be useless while intoxicated. Late night cram sessions don’t happen after a party; it’s just not a thing.


Lastly, the study says that the probability of getting a high G.P.A. drops with frequent heavy drinking. The research shows that there is a difference between the G.P.A. of a heavy drinker and a non drinker.

This is a no-brainer. If you are out partying all weekend, you aren’t in the library unleashing your inner nerd. If you aren’t studying, then you aren’t making good grades (unless you are one of those geniuses who can just do that…).

College is consuming. Literally, it takes up 4 years of your life, an unmentionable sum of your money, way too much time, and I believe, a portion of your sanity. Whether you think so or not, you are sacrificing to be here. Why jeopardize that sacrifice you keep remaking every time you register for classes on alcohol? It really doesn’t make sense.