The story of my life

If you adore this photo don't forget to "like" our page and "get notifications" so you can keep up with everything that's happening!Myriah Snyder, a part-time aspiring writer/editor and a full-time college senior, takes her calling seriously.

Born and raised in Murray, Kentucky, she is a transfer English major from Mid-Continent University and will graduate in December 2014.

Myriah plans to make the most of her approximately 100 days on the campus of University of the Cumberlands by pouring herself into her seven classes, working for The Patriot newspaper, volunteer tutoring, and getting involved in Appalachian Ministries.

Additionally, her focus this semester is building her resume. She is attempting to be a freelancer.

In her lofty dreams, 10 years from now, she will have left a staff writing position at the Western Recorder and will be employed as an assistant editor at the Baptist Press. However, she would settle for any job along those lines.

Myriah relishes her Introduction to Journalism and Public Relations class because she hopes it will teach her some of the technical “ins-and-outs” of journalism.

When Myriah is not working or doing something for school, she enjoys serving in her local church or ministries. She especially loves music and children’s ministries.

During her down time, she likes reading biographies, Christian fiction, and cliché young adult fiction. Her favorite book changes on a regular basis. Also, she loves binge watching series.

Her favorite newspaper is Baptist Press because it reports on things she cares about, it has a distinctly Christian perspective, and she interned there.

Two movies she watched recently were “Divergent” and “God’s Not Dead.” “Divergent” fascinated her, and she saw it 6 times in theaters. “God’s Not Dead” challenged her greatly.

Her favorite song is probably “You belong with me” by Taylor Swift. It chronicles the struggle of her life.

Because she is an introvert, an article that hits home with her is found on the blog Hello Giggles. This post provides her with tips on how to thrive without changing her personality.

Myriah hopes that her life and her work will glorify the Lord, because she sees that as her ultimate purpose.

*update: Myriah graduates in less than a week. As her additional hyperlink, she wants to include that she has a position as a staff writer at the Western Recorder.