Interview with Momma

1914001_138438460924_5402810_nThis interview was done on a recent trip home. It took place on October 5th, 2014 in the living room couch of my momma’s house. The focus of the interview was memories of Grandma who passed away in 2009.

Myriah: Tell me about some of your funniest memories with Grandma

Momma: Every time we would go over railroad tracks, she would say “There’s a train just come by.” And I would say, knowing what she was going to answer, “How do you know that,” and she would say, “I just saw its tracks.” She had a really good sense of humor. She did other little crazy things but I don’t remember them right off hand.

Myriah: Tell me about the day you took her to get her picture made on the train tracks. How do you get a 70something woman to do that?

I didn’t have to convince her. I just said, “Momma I need a picture of someone laying on the railroad tracts.” She said, “Is it going to look like I’ve been kidnapped? And put on the railroad and been run over?” I said, “No, you’re not going to be tied up.” So she got out there and she laid down on the railroad tracks for me. And after the picture was done she said over and over again, “Where’s our picture? I want to see it.” She was thrilled to death to do that for me.

Myriah: How old was she when that happened?

Momma: Uh, she was probably 75.

Myriah: Tell me the story of how you pretended to smack Nuithia and she smacked you.

Momma: Grandma grew up, and you knew not to say anything bad and stand in front of her. You’d get your face smacked. Well as I grew up I already had two children who was 8 and 3 I think and we went to pick my car up from the mechanic and she thought she had to go in with me to do the deal making and stuff so we went in there, we were waiting the people weren’t ready for us. Grandma was sitting there looking at them thinking she was making them go faster. But Nuithia and I were playing, we were pretending, I would slap my hand real hard, no she’d slap her hand real hard and I would wave my hand in her face and pretend like I was slapping her face, and really if you didn’t pay attention it really sounded like I was slapping her face. All the sudden Grandma come over to me a slapped me so hard it almost knocked me down. IT hurt an tears come to my eyes and I’m going “Ow” and it really hurt and not only that it hurt my feelings too. And Nuithia and I both said, “We were only playing Grandma. I was slapping my hands.” And she went, “Oh,” and just walked away. Didn’t say sorry or anything. Grandma, even if she was sorry for something didn’t say sorry, she wasn’t much on it. And that was the story of that.

Myriah: Tell me the “back love” story

Momma: She hated it cause I would come in and Myriah would throw herself in my arms and give me from love and Grandma would be sitting on the couch and say come give me love and you would back up to her and only let her hug you through the back, and it frustrated her so much and she would get so mad. One day you turned around and gave her front love and she was so happy.

And there was something else you did, oh yeah. She would pat her chest and say to you “Where’s Grandma’s baby?” and she would pat her chest and go like this (Pats her chest) and she did that over and over again. And finally one day she said, “Where’s Grandma’s baby?” and you patted your chest and she was so thrilled to death.

Myriah: Can you tell me about Charlie Brown? Who was Charlie Brown?

Momma: Oh, Charlie Brown was our monkey that we loved. And I mean, he could run loose. She let him run loose in the house and actually she let him run loose sometimes outside and we’d have to go over to the neighbor’s house, he’d be on the porch of the neighbors and setting there not even letting the neighbors in the house going “ Ehhhh. Ehhhh.” And we’d go over there and say “Come on, Charlie Brown,” and he would just get on our shoulders and go home with us. And he loved to put his hands down girl’s shirts and hear them scream. I don’t know if it was hearing them scream if he was smart enough to know that it was going to make them do it or what it was, but he was a crazy little monkey but he was a cute little monkey.

Myriah: What do you miss the most about Grandma?

Momma: Her companionship. She was my friend. She wasn’t just my mother anymore, she was my friend and we had fun together. I really truly didn’t hang out with her or go over to her house just because I had to. It wasn’t obligation, it was because I really enjoyed being with Grandma.

There were so many other things that were said in the approximately 10 minute interview that should have been included. I wanted to focus on some of the funny parts of my grandma. Ideally I would have asked her these questions myself, but I turned to the person that was the closest to her while she was alive, my mom. My grandma was probably the weirdest 80 year old ever and it was great! I tried to capture some of that here.