May’s Lick celebrating 225 years of ministering in Maysville

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Maysville-May’s Lick Baptist Church is celebrating its 225th anniversary Nov. 29-30.

“It’s a little bit about the past, but really we don’t want to live in the past. We want to move forward,” said Jim Grunke, chairman of the deacons at May’s Lick. Continue reading “May’s Lick celebrating 225 years of ministering in Maysville”


Photojournalism Project

Baptist Press PhotoBaptist Press photo

Cutline: “Donna Price of Kingsland Baptist Church in Richmond, Va., was part of a prayer team that covered various parts of the church building in prayer at the Transformation Center in Brooklyn, Md., on June 7 as part of the annual Crossover evangelistic outreaches that precede the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. The center is part of the vision of Streetlite church in Baltimore to ‘intentionally and strategically establish a ministry presence in the impoverished neighborhoods throughout Baltimore and communities throughout the world.’”

Photographer: Matt Miller

Date: June 2014 Continue reading “Photojournalism Project”