May’s Lick celebrating 225 years of ministering in Maysville

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Maysville-May’s Lick Baptist Church is celebrating its 225th anniversary Nov. 29-30.

“It’s a little bit about the past, but really we don’t want to live in the past. We want to move forward,” said Jim Grunke, chairman of the deacons at May’s Lick.

The anniversary celebration will begin on Saturday with tours, historical displays and a luncheon. Music for the service will be provided by the Birdsongs, and the sermon will be brought by Chaz Hutchinson, pastor of Scotch Plains Baptist Church, which was May’s Lick’s founding church.

Sunday’s speaker will be a former pastor of May’s Lick, David Cheek, who served from 1989-2000. Lunch will be served and a singspiration will follow.

Paul Badgett, a regional consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention; Dewayne Slusher, director of missions for Bracken Association; and other state representatives will make a special presentation.

In addition, the church has produced a book to commemorate its 225th anniversary.

The church was founded in 1789, the same year that George Washington became president, right outside of Maysville near the Ohio River. It was planted by five families who were all previously members of Scotch Plains Baptist Church in Essex County in New Jersey.

The original church met in a barn on the property of the church’s graveyard today. In 1830, the current building that May’s Lick uses was built.

Many additions were added to the property and structure, such as a parsonage, fellowship hall, classrooms, educational building, sanctuary expansion and family life center.

During “the great revival” of 1828, the church grew to more than 700 members. From its membership, 10 churches have been organized.

May’s Lick has been a supporter of Bracken Association since it was organized in 1798. They joined their first organized missionary society in 1828.

Throughout the church’s history, it has implemented some unique ministries. In 1953, May’s Lick began “drive-in services,” which lasted each summer for 11 years. The church began hosting three “Big Tent Revivals” in 2007, and each lasted for a week.

Today, May’s Lick’s has approximately 350 members with around 120 attending each Sunday. Pastor Kevin Cornette has served the congregation since May.

“As we look back upon the blessings of the church and the ministries that have been there for the past 225 years, I think that the Lord will bless us and renew a spirit within us to continue moving forward as God leads,” Cornette said.

“I pray He blesses us to continue to be a lighthouse not only to our community but to the entire world,” he said. (WR)