Church gives God glory for 70 coming to Christ

Originally published on Western Recorder –

Madisonville—Sunday, Feb. 8, is a date that the members of Grape Vine Baptist Church of Madisonville will talk about for years to come. Seventy people were baptized that day.

“This event happened because 500 or 600 people just fervently plead with God for His presence,” Pastor Bob Morrison said.

“There was not a special speaker or a special sermon or anything special about the day other than we spent a lot of time pleading and praying with God,” he added.

Morrison challenged the southwestern Kentucky congregation with an average attendance of 500 people to “pray for the entire week, pleading with God for His presence and asking God to show up in power on the following Sunday,” he said.

The following Sunday (Jan. 18), he preached on the “wheat and tares.” There were 48 professions of faith that morning.

That night, there was no sermon, simply a time for testimonies, and the congregation responded to God’s call with 23 more professions of faith.

On Sunday, Feb. 1, 15 people joined the church, with eight by profession of faith.

So far, the church has baptized 70 and still have more to be baptized, Morrison said.

“I think the problem that we typically have is that when people hear of something like this, they ask who preached, or what did he preach, or what was the sermon or what’s your visitation program?” Morrison said.

“People want to give credit to the program, or to the process or to people,” he continued. “What we try to do, maybe intentionally or not, is we try to take God’s glory away from Him and say, ‘Well, God couldn’t have done that. It must have been a good preacher. It must have been a good sermon.’ And none of that is true.

“We’ve taken a great deal of time and effort and energy to teach our people ‘it is not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord,’” Morrison concluded.

Throughout the week, the church received calls from people who were praying and calling the office to “let us know what was going on in their lives and how they were taking our services before the Lord,” Grape Vine’s youth pastor Michael Jicka said.

“We’ve seen Him do things that I have not seen in 25 years of youth ministry that I’ve never seen even at camps and overseas. I’ve never seen anything in this setting work like that,” Jicka added.

“When we prayed for the presence of God, He showed up.” (WR)