Covington Sunday School class turns 50

Covington—A Sunday School class in Covington celebrated 50 years since its founding under the same teacher.

Smith Gibson, a retired dermatologist in Northern Kentucky, and his wife Lucille joined Latonia Baptist Church in 1957.

In 1965, Lucille was approached by their pastor, Bill Turner, and asked if she and her husband would start what would become known as the “Young Married Class.”

On March 22, current and former members, along with part of Latonia’s congregation gathered to celebrate the anniversary.

“As we celebrate almost 50 years of fun, fellowship and life together, it seems fitting to take a pause, here in the middle, to look back,” Gibson told the class.

“We certainly have not reached the end of this journey, but we have simply chosen to reflect back over Part 1 of our experiences together,” he continued. “We all look forward to Part 2 and after that, the Future Part, where we celebrate in the presence of the Lord and once again fellowship with those class members who await us.”

“You see, time spent together in fellowship as brothers in Christ is a gift from God, so it deserves to be celebrated,” said the 92-year-old veteran of World War II

“For thousands of hours we have eaten and fellowshipped together,” he noted. Recalling Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:20, “Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I among them.” Gibson added, “Again today, we thank Jesus for His presence among us.” (WR)