11 years later

August 7th marked 11 years since I surrendered to the ministry.

Some reflections:

First of all, I’m old. Wow. 11 years.

Also, that actually happened at youth conference in this city, too. Sometimes God brings you full circle.

Although I thought I was committing to be a missionary, I never could have imagined how God would use that surrendered heart of a barely 13 year old.

It’s been an uncertain ride, but I always knew that in some capacity I was called to use my entire life serving my Savior. And I still do.

For years I struggled thinking that my ability to be in ministry was put in a box. But at some point I knew that God was calling me to use words for His glory. I told a teacher at my Christian school of my calling generally, and he told me to save that for the lost people. Apparently that wasn’t ministry. Ouch. I am so glad that I didn’t listen to him. (People stink; Jesus rules!)

Also, full time ministry doesn’t start and end punching a clock. I do more of my practical day to day serving Christ after business hours, although my job is a ministry job. So we should all just stop putting ministry in a labeled box and just serve Jesus, okay? Okay.

I’m thankful and blessed He would even consider using me to do a small part of His Almighty work. Overwhelmed that He planted such a passion in me for what I do and is letting me exercise that passion for His glory.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

Here’s to whatever the next 11 years look like serving my Savior. Through the good times and the bad, I’ve learned that He is worth it, and He has always provided.