Corinth Baptist embraces Bible storying for discipleship

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London—Corinth Baptist Church in London “blurred the lines between evangelism and discipleship” with a full-day TruthSticks training workshop. 50 people from London, Lexington, Winchester and Somerset attended the event, led by Mark Snowden, the evangelism director for the Missouri Baptist Convention, and coauthor of the book “Truth that Sticks.”

“Participants visited zones to learn how to use Bible stories in conversational evangelism and making disciples,” Snowden said. “They used crossbows, small group examples, videos, case studies and even were sent out to conduct man-on-the-street interviews to learn how to start spiritual conversations.”

In addition, each participant received a copy of Snowden’s book.

“The overwhelming purpose was to make disciples,” Andrew Dyer, pastor of Corinth Baptist, said.

“It was discipleship training for our life group leaders, but really what we found and what believers are finding is that Bible storying works to get the gospel to people. Missionaries have been using it in illiterate cultures for years, but even with literate people, many of them learn best by orality, by hearing the stories,” he said.

He continued, “It is a tool to give to our people to help them share the gospel and help them grow and disciple.”

“One of our church members who is an accountant talked about a difficulty that they were dealing with in their office. He used a Bible story to share to try to encourage morale in his workplace,” Dyer mentioned.

“Anyone who wants to be a catalyst for kingdom growth” should attend these events, Snowden said.

Snowden’s training events, according to his website,, are “an intentional day of exploring and evaluating and growing.” The training event includes five learning zones that teach participants how to use Bible storying to make disciples, “like Jesus did.”

“One of the things that people will sometimes use is when they hear Bible storying they get nervous that you’re not going deep in the Scriptures with people,” Dyer said.

However, he quoted Corinth’s discipleship pastor, Dan Eubanks, saying, “There’s two ways to go deep with God’s word. One is to go deep into the meaning of God’s word. The other way is to let the meaning of God’s word go deep into us.”

“When we talk about Bible storying, what we’re really talking about is, how do we get God’s word deep into our lives in such a way that we can apply it and really be and make disciples?” he explained.

“A Bible story is easily reproducible and is something you don’t have to have special skills to tell,” he added. Any person can hear a story from God’s word, they can learn that story, and they can share that story.”

“It’s just another way that we, at Corinth Baptist Church can be about fulfilling the great commission here in Kentucky and around the world,” Dyer said.

Snowden leads these events across the U.S. and may be reached at