Ky. messengers speak out: ‘Stop funding Planned Parenthood’

Originally published at Western Recorder –

Elizabethtown—Kentucky Baptist Convention messengers adopted a resolution calling for ending public funding for Planned Parenthood on Tuesday at the KBC Annual Meeting in Elizabethtown.

“Therefore be it resolved that messengers to the 2015 annual meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Convention call for an end to any and all public funding for Planned Parenthood,” the resolution said.

“Therefore, be it further resolved that messengers to the 2015 annual meeting condemn the actions of Planned Parenthood in the senseless killing of unborn babies and in the selling of body parts from those babies,” the resolution continued.

Citing statistics indicating that “one of every four abortions performed in America are carried out at Planned Parenthood,” the resolution stated that 995,787 abortions were carried out at Planned Parenthood in the past three years.

Leading to the resolution have been the videos, taken by pro-life activists, showing Planned Parenthood officials talking about selling baby parts from aborted babies.

Other contributing factors to the resolution include tax documents that “raise legitimate questions about the need for public finding to Planned Parenthood,” and Margaret Sanger’s, Planned Parenthood’s founder, strong belief in eugenics.

Social Justice

Another resolution passed by KBC messengers focused on “gospel-centered social justice on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

The resolution referenced America’s early history of “legally sanctioned inequality on the basis of race through multiple Supreme Court decisions.”

“Evangelical Christians of all ethnic persuasion must champion the cause of social justice and civil rights without contradicting the gospel and clear principles of Scripture concerning race, class and gender,” the resolution stated.

Kentucky Baptists “celebrate and commemorate the federal legislation which gave African Americans the right to vote without fear of racially discriminatory practices,” the resolution continued.

Racial Reconciliation

Similarly, a resolution “on cooperative missions and racial reconciliation” was passed on Tuesday.

It states, “Many of our Kentucky Baptist forbearers wrongly defended the right to enslave African peoples. Radicalized thinking hindered multi-ethnic cooperative missions for the first 100 years of Kentucky Baptist existence.”

“Be it resolved that we, acknowledge past and present racism in our hearts…we renounce and oppose all forms of racism which distort the message of the gospel,” the resolution continues.

The Kentucky Baptist Convention “will intentionally pursue at least one ethnic minority congregation in mutual friendship and love in order to reach our world for the glory of God,” the resolution concluded.