Risk speakers: ‘Make Much of Jesus’

Originally published at Western Recorder – www.westernrecorder.org

By Myriah Snyder and Todd Deaton

Bowling Green—“How do we make much of Jesus?” asked Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd. “With humility,” he suggested to the more than 260 Kentucky Baptists attending the RISK Conference in Bowling Green Feb. 8-9.

The two-day event at Hillvue Heights Baptist Church featured Floyd and more than a dozen other speakers—all sharing practical ways to “Make Much of Jesus” in an increasingly hostile and unbelieving world. Continue reading “Risk speakers: ‘Make Much of Jesus’”


Crestwood Baptist hosts archery tournament

Originally published on Western Recorder –www.westernrecorder.org

Crestwood Baptist Church will be hosting a CenterShot archery tournament on Mar. 19. The tournament is for individuals in fourth through twelfth grades shooting in 3 divisions – elementary, high school, and middle school. At the end of April, they will host a similar event for individuals and teams. Continue reading “Crestwood Baptist hosts archery tournament”