Crestwood Baptist hosts archery tournament

Originally published on Western Recorder –

Crestwood Baptist Church will be hosting a CenterShot archery tournament on Mar. 19. The tournament is for individuals in fourth through twelfth grades shooting in 3 divisions – elementary, high school, and middle school. At the end of April, they will host a similar event for individuals and teams.

This is the first tournament of its kind that Crestwood has held. Crestwood began CenterShot in September 2015. They are now on their third round of eight week classes. After the children have completed their classes, they provide a time of practice and devotions on Monday nights. Overall, they have seen 70 children come through the program.

The classes are structured to provide time of instruction in archery and time of group devotions.

“Our hope is that we do a lot of discussion- it’s not a lecture type lesson; it’s a discussion, and our young people become more and more confident in the word and express it,” Larry Watkins, member of outdoors ministries at Crestwood Baptist and archery instructor at Oldham County High School, said.

Already, the church has seen students step up and lead the devotions in classes after they completed their own.

“We’re excited about what they’re learning. We had two decisions made that we are aware of,” Watkins said, giving credit to the Lord. “It was during our program that they accepted Christ.”

To get involved, make inquiries or request more information, email Larry Watkins at or call 502-693-9453.