Parkland’s ministry assistant of 31 years retires

Originally published at Western Recorder –

Louisville—Parkland Baptist Church’s ministry assistant for the past 31 years, Carol Taylor, retired Feb. 26. The church held a celebration in her honor on Sunday, Feb. 28.

Thirty-one years ago, Taylor became a part-time assistant secretary, returning to work after having her second son. A year later, the secretary retired and she moved into the role. She’s held that position, now referred to as a ministry assistant, for 30 years. She also served as Parkland’s bookkeeper.

Additionally, she served as president of the Baptist Ministry Assistants of Kentucky from 1997-1999, was a member for nearly 30 years, and was the secretary treasurer of the National Association of Southern Baptist Secretaries from 2013-2015.

“I’ve always felt like it was not a job, it was more of a ministry,” Taylor said.

“I’ve always loved working with the people. Everybody has always been very kind to me a supportive of me. I’ve never dreamed of working anywhere else, because I had what I thought was the perfect job,” she added.

Taylor’s advice to other ministry assistants echoed these thoughts: “Just to look at it as a ministry and not a job. There’s times when things get rough and there are difficult times, but you’ve just got to work through them and trust the Lord that He will get you through them. If you do this, you are going to love serving the Lord and carrying out the business of the church.”

Taylor has been a member of Parkland for more than 50 years now. She and her husband were married at Parkland. In addition to being ministry assistant, she has been involved in various other ministries including youth, preschool and Bible school.

“Carol has been a server to servers, family, friends and a dedicated employee to our church for 31 years,” said Tom Curry, pastor of Parkland and the only pastor with whom Taylor has served.

“Carol has been the front line minister to everyone who comes into the office,” he added. “Her dedication deserves our very best thanks.” (WR)