Harrodsburg business donates day’s profit to missions

Originally published at Western Recorder – www.westernrecorder.org

Harrodsburg—Robert Johnson of Johnson Small Engine and Farm Supply in Harrodsburg donated all of the profits his business earned on Friday, May 6, to the International Mission Board. The day’s total: $2,100.

Response from the community was great, Johnson said. “We had people coming in who had to tell their story, too—how they wished that they could always do something, and how they admired us for doing this. We really had a good turnout.”

A lady who was going on a mission trip to Southeast Asia came all the way from Louisville to make a purchase because she knew the money was going to help missions. The business even received a letter of encouragement from an overseas missionary who was appreciative of Johnson’s efforts.

“We had people from Salvisa Baptist Church come. We had people from Burgin Baptist Church come. Even my help in the back donated some money to it,” Johnson said.

In addition, a local furniture maker donated a picnic table to be sold for the cause.

The community at-large also responded well—many bringing in donations without making purchases. One man paid $100 for a $30 bag of dog food.

“We’re going to do this again next year. I’m so tickled to death that I got the fire in me. We’re going to make this an annual thing on the first Friday of every May,” Johnson added.

He was inspired by a sermon from his pastor, Jonathan Jones of Salvisa Baptist, on “doing more for God.” Johnson’s business has been doing well, and therefore he was, too. He wanted to find a way that he could do something for God at this point in his life.

Johnson was saddened by the IMB’s situation, and decided that this was where he would help.

“I just really had a heartfelt desire to do something more,” Johnson told Kentucky Today. “Why couldn’t we just take a day and devote it to foreign missions and donate all the profits for that day for that purpose.”

“He has a heart for missions,” Pastor Jones said of Johnson. “His heart is that he doesn’t want people to look at him. He wants them to see the importance of mission work.”

Jones continued, “He wants to inspire or challenge others in missions giving, to continue to increase their giving. For those who aren’t giving to encourage them to give toward mission work, whether it is financially or on an international mission trip.”

“That is one of the things our church is doing. It’s spilling out from what Robert (Johnson) is doing into the congregation and even into our community,” he said.

Jones is excited to see how this attitude has snowballed.

“It just shows me that people still have a deep concern for and affection for international missions and mission work, and they see the need for it,” he concluded. (WR)