Retired KBC evangelism director dies

Originally published on Western Recorder –

Jacksonville, Fla.—Jay Brown, retired director of evangelism for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, died on May 26 in Jacksonville Fla.

He retired from the KBC in 1988 after 11 years of service. His passion was for evangelism, and he put that passion to use wherever he went.

“He was a very caring, people-oriented person who had a deep passion for evangelism,” Don Spencer, director of church financial benefits department at the KBC, said.

“He loved to be in as many churches as he could, preaching for revivals,” Spencer recalled. “He was unapologetic in his zeal for reaching people for Christ. He did not like to be encumbered by dealing with organizational details and procedures. (H)e just wanted to be out there preaching and witnessing.

“It was that single-minded focus that brought value to his leadership of the Evangelism Department,” Spencer noted.

Brown was a graduate of Howard College (now Samford University) and Southern Seminary.

In addition to his work with the KBC, Brown was a pastor in four states, including at Kentucky’s Campbellsville and Louisville, was a director of missions in Michigan, and served on several committees, including being moderator of Long Run Baptist Association in 1978. He also taught at Boyce Bible School.

After his retirement, he continued to serve in various churches as interim pastor until 2003.

“He had a deep sense of compassion for those without Christ and a genuine passion for reaching them personally as well as sensitizing and training others to do the same,” Barry Allen, who served as business manager at the KBC during Brown’s tenure, added.

Brown is survived by his wife Cecile, son, daughter, and grandchildren. Services were held in Trussville, Ala.