Ministry center being built on burned church’s property

Clinton—The new ministry center of West Kentucky Baptist Association is literally rising from the ashes of Second Baptist Church of Clinton.

Five years ago, after Second Baptist Church burned, the congregation gifted its property to West Kentucky Baptist Association. The churches of the association, along with volunteers from other states, now are constructing a ministry center on the site.

The approximately $100,000 center, which will be 46’ x 100’ in size, is expected to be completed in the next few months.

“With accumulated funds and the sale of the (association’s) previous office, plans are to dedicate the center this fall debt-free,” said Richard Blair, WKBA director of missions.

When Second Baptist’s former building burned, Pastor Larry Fraser led the church to construct its new facility on the main highway. They then gave three vacant lots to WKBA on the condition that it be used for ministry, explained Blair.

In addition to local residents, volunteers from churches in Alabama and Mississippi are involved in the project.

“We’ve had people help from the judge on down to community service,” Glen Stewart, moderator for WKBA, said.

He shared about one man who prayed to receive salvation while at the job site during the beginning stages. “While the foundation was being laid, someone came to know the Lord,” Steward said.

The building will house a shelter for severe weather victims, a clothing exchange and food pantry for the churches within the association, and small group space. Additionally, it will provide office space for associational staff.

The goal of the center is to be a ministry hub for the churches, not deflect from their ministries, Blair said, adding that they have had nearly 100 percent participation in the project by the association’s churches.

Blair expressed gratitude that although the center is an initiative of the association, the work is being done by and for the churches. He hopes that the resources provided will spark further ministry within the individual churches.

“There are tremendous needs. There are people who are hurting; there are people who are hungry,” Blair told WPSD. Blair hopes the ministry center will help the association’s churches meet these needs. (WR)

Cary Donnell contributed to this story.