New Kentucky Changers trailer named for Duvall

Originally published at Western Recorder –

Monticello—In February, Dellard Duvall passed away, but he left behind a legacy of love with Kentucky Changers.

Duvall was a crew chief at Changers since 2003 and his wife, Vera, has been lead cook since 1999. Beloved by members of his crew, Duvall poured his heart into Kentucky Changers.

Before he became suddenly ill with cancer, Dellard and Vera felt the Lord lay on their heart to raise funds to purchase a trailer to transport sound and office equipment as well as other items. Previously, Changers used a bus and other means to move items from site to site.

After the 2015 Changers project, Vera went to a friend at First Baptist Church of Monticello and asked for help raising funds for the trailer. He agreed to help her as soon as she was ready. “I thought, we had time before the new Changers project started next year,” she recounted.

“In the meantime, my husband got sick. So we had to deal with his illness,” she continued. In February, the Lord called Duvall home.

“When donations started coming in, I asked that they be given to Kentucky Changers and the trailer project for Dellard Duvall,” she said.

Although this covered part of the cost, they were still lacking a significant amount. Her friend from church decided that instead of contacting other churches to raise the funds, First Baptist should consider donating the rest.

“I had no idea. It just blew me away. … It was a God thing,” she said. “He brought it before the church and they voted to pay for the rest of the trailer.”

This year, the trailer took its maiden voyage to Hopkinsville, filled with equipment with the dedication “In loving memory of Dellard Duvall” written on its side.

“I think that is really a big testament to how important Changers was to them, that the whole church knew how important it was to them. And we needed it; we had nothing to carry our supplies in,” Peggy Murphy, Kentucky Changers coordinator, said. (WR)