Dyer: Ready to serve when KBC needed

Originally published in Western Recorder – www.westernrecorder.org

London—Kentucky Baptist Convention President Andrew Dyer came into his position under unique circumstances. Elected as the first vice president under Kevin Smith, the first African American president of the Kentucky Baptist convention, last November, Dyer assumed the role of president in June 2016 when Smith was elected executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network.

The Kentucky Baptist Convention meeting on Nov. 15 will be the last meeting he presides over as KBC president. In addition, he has been the pastor of Corinth Baptist Church in London since 2011 and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree and Master of Divinity from Southern Seminary in Louisville. He and his wife Corrie have been married since 2000 and have five children.

“I am grateful to Kevin Smith for his encouragement and confidence in my ability to serve in this role. I knew that I could never fill Dr. Smith’s shoes, so I just tried to be me and use the gifts and personality that God has entrusted to me. I’m grateful to so many friends across Kentucky who have prayed for me and encouraged me throughout the past year,” Dyer said.

Dyer expressed that his “main desire has been to honor the Lord and serve His churches,” he said. He has tried to do this by encouraging pastors, church leaders, church members and KBC Mission Board staff. “I know I have been able to contribute prayer support to and for congregations,” he continued. “I hope I have provided faithful leadership where needed.”

“Kentucky Baptists were grateful to have Andrew Dyer ready to step into the role as convention president after God called Kevin Smith to serve as executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware,” Paul Chitwood, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, said.

“With Dr. Dyer’s vast experience in KBC life, the transition was seamless and he has served well,” Chitwood added. “He is a faithful pastor, gifted leader, and close personal friend. I look forward to being at the annual meeting as he guides us with a steady hand.”

After five months of serving Kentucky Baptists as convention president, Dyer is convinced that Kentucky Baptists are “prepared and eager to take on the challenges, though some are yet unknown, of the coming years,” he expressed.

“In conversations with fellow believers, I hear a confident expectancy in the Lord and in the power of the gospel,” he said. “Under Dr. Chitwood and his staff’s leadership, the KBC is continuing to move forward in church planting, engaging college campuses, providing disaster relief, revitalizing churches, linking missions partners, etc.”

Dyer added, emphasizing the usefulness of unity, “If we will refuse to allow ourselves to get sidetracked or divided by pettiness, preferences, personalities, or politics, the KBC sits primed to make a great eternal impact.”

He also expressed appreciation at the unity shown in the upcoming KBC presidential election. “As of this moment, Dr. Bill Langley is the only announced candidate and if that stays true until the annual meeting, then I look forward to seeing him elected by acclamation,” he said, adding, “If another candidate arises, I would trust that would give messengers a choice between two good options.”

He concluded, “But, an uncontested election of a pastor who believes and preaches God’s word, does the work of an evangelist, strongly supports the Cooperative Program, and seeks to promote unity in our convention is probably evidence of the unity and vision we are currently experiencing. It is a great day to be a Kentucky Baptist!”