Rager named 1st VP

Originally published in Western Recorder – http://www.westernrecorder.org/1328.article

Kenny Rager, pastor of Life Community Church in Owensboro, ran unopposed for first vice president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Nominated by Jamus Edwards, pastor of Pleasant Valley Community Church, Rager was elected by acclamation to the position.

“You know, there are those people who talk about the Great Commission a lot, and yet there are fewer who fulfill the Great Commission. But, if there has ever been a Great Commission pastor, that pastor is Kenny Rager,” Edwards said. “You will be very hard-pressed to find another brother in the Lord who is more deeply committed to evangelism and seeing people come to faith in Jesus Christ than is Kenny Rager.”

In a few short years Rager has lead his young church plant, Life Community, to be generous supporters of the Cooperative Program and baptize over 100 people. Edwards continued, “As a church planter and a pastor, Kenny’s driving passion is clear in his personal life, in his family life, and in his ministry, and that passion is to see as many people come to faith in Jesus Christ.”

“The reason though in addition to that, I believe Kenny is the man to be the next first Vice President is because Kenny understands that in order to reach the commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond with the gospel, it cannot be done in isolation but it is going to have to be a team effort,” Edwards added.

Edwards continued, “Kenny’s heart is that whether it’s a rural church or a city church, whether it’s a church that’s running 25 people or 2000 people, whether it’s a church that is Calvinist or not Calvinistic, whether it’s a church that sings from a hymnal or sings from the latest Christian radio, Kenny knows and believes that we are all Kentucky Baptist, and we are all saved by the same blood of Jesus and we all preach the same gospel therefore we are all on the same team.”

Rager has been the pastor of Life community Church since 2012, served on the KBC Mission Board, and has held positions within Daviess-McLean Baptist Association.