Dear Southern Baptist: Celebrate diversity

Column originally published in Western Recorder –

diversityIn a column I wrote after my first Southern Baptist Convention, I said, “The beauty (and effectiveness) of Southern Baptists is their diversity.” I was amazed that so many different personalities comprised this group of evangelicals known as the Southern Baptists.

However, I have not always prized diversity. As one of the only half-black girls in the predominately white school, church and extended family I grew up in, I hated being different. Although my skin was light enough to be often mistaken for “white,” my dark, unruly, texturized curls were like a siren on my head, showing that I was different. I hated them. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve come to embrace it. Continue reading “Dear Southern Baptist: Celebrate diversity”


Ky. church gives abandoned building to suburban Dayton ministry

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Richmond—In a series of events crossing state lines, Tate’s Creek Baptist Church in Richmond had a hand in helping Harrison Street Baptist Church in New Madison, Ohio, find space to expand their ministry—a stone, early 1900s church building that was going to be torn down.

Businessman Harold Sparks acquired the building of a Methodist church that had shut its doors. A local church had utilized the property for a time, but they relocated, leaving the building vacant again. Not finding anyone to use the property, he was planning to tear it down, saving only the antique stained glass windows.

Then he ran into Jerry Huffman, pastor of Tates Creek Baptist Church. Behind the scenes at Tates Creek, God has been doing “amazing things,” Huffman said. Continue reading “Ky. church gives abandoned building to suburban Dayton ministry”

January Bible study written by Ky. DOM

Originally published at Western Recorder –

Henderson—Many Kentucky Baptists may be reading through LifeWay’s adult Bible study series for January, “Complacency Exposed,” a study of the book of Malachi. However, they may not know that a contributor to the study is one of their own.

Bill Patterson, director of missions for Green Valley Baptist Association in Henderson, is the author of the expository notes and preaching guide for the January study. A veteran author for various LifeWay publications, he has authored around 200 magazine articles. Continue reading “January Bible study written by Ky. DOM”