Ministry at drug rehab center Making impact in Pike County

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Pike County—For the past two months, Dave Hammond, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Myra, has been bringing news of Christ’s hope to men in a drug rehab facility in Pike County on Thursday nights. Hammond’s team has seen a dozen professions of faith and 30 rededications at West Care, and is moving forward with their baptisms.

“In Luke 4, Jesus says (paraphrase), ‘I’ve come to set the prisoner free. I’ve come to set those that are captive free. And heal the brokenhearted,’” Hammond shared. “We’re seeing that happen … through the power of God and the Word of God. Continue reading “Ministry at drug rehab center Making impact in Pike County”


Blood River DOM sets retirement

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Tim Cole, director of missions for Blood River Baptist Association for more than 10 years, is retiring in April.

In addition to his role with Blood River Association, Cole also served as secretary/treasurer of the Kentucky Fellowship of DOMS. Continue reading “Blood River DOM sets retirement”

Walton church’s steeple toppled by storms

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Walton—First Baptist Church of Walton lost its steeple as straight line winds and storms swept across the state Feb. 28 and Mar. 1.

However, “the way everything worked out, even in the storm, the Lord took care of us,” said David Wiggins, pastor of First Baptist. Continue reading “Walton church’s steeple toppled by storms”