Blood River DOM sets retirement

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Tim Cole, director of missions for Blood River Baptist Association for more than 10 years, is retiring in April.

In addition to his role with Blood River Association, Cole also served as secretary/treasurer of the Kentucky Fellowship of DOMS.

“I know that we will miss him when he leaves,” Duane Holland, moderator for Blood River Association, said. “I made the statement to our personnel committee that whoever is elected as the search committee is going to have a very difficult time finding anybody with the enthusiasm that Bro. Tim has brought to the association.”

Cole and his wife will be moving to Alabama to be closer to family, including a new grandson and “creating a new chapter,” Cole shared.

“It’s been fun to watch sister churches pull together resources to accomplish God’s mission,” Cole said. “Our goal and common interest is winning souls to Jesus and through those efforts and whatever activity we undertook, we always saw results.”

Cole said that the hope he has for the churches within the association is that in the future, they will “continue pulling together to accomplish things for the Lord,” and “for them to keep mission minded and stay focused.”

“I appreciate all the stuff that the Western Recorder has done over the years and what KBC and SBC have done to help me in my ministry. I appreciate the churches that we’ve worked alongside and all the DOMs. I’ll miss everybody,” Cole added. (WR)