Oakland church receives six acre donation

Originally published in Western Recorder – www.westernrecorder.org

OAKLAND — Friendship Baptist Church of Oakland, a “small country church” situated on the side of a country road and farmland, has received a donation of six acres of land from a neighbor.

Although the church hasn’t decided what to do with the land for sure, Pastor Jarvis Smith has hopes that it will somehow be used for an extended educational facility and possibly a playground.

“We’re looking to see what we can do with this ground as good stewards of Him,” Smith said.

The land donation came at the right time, because the church was told by the farming commission that they had run out of green space and could no longer build anything else on their property, Belinda Renick, church clerk, said.

Mary Pearson and her family are not even members of Friendship, but are actually members of Oakland Baptist. Her family had donated an acre to the church in the past. She originally offered an additional acre to the church, but after realizing that both properties would have to be resurveyed for a partial donation, she offered the entire six acres.

“It was a huge donation on her part and we are just so thankful that someone saw our need and filled it,” Renick commented.

She continued, explaining that Friendship has recently implemented a new, focused visitation program. “We’re trying to keep this little country church alive, and God has blessed us in letting us do that.”

“I think it was God’s timing for the land to be given to us. Now it is left up to His servants to take it and use it for His honor and His glory,” Smith added. (WR)