Ky. church echoes call to donate music for flooded Mo. church

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Crittenden—A Kentucky Baptist church has stepped up to help a Missouri church recover from devastating flood damage in a unique way. They have extended a call for choir music to other churches throughout the state.

On April 29-30, floods devastated parts of Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi and Missouri. At least 15 causalities and dozens of injuries were reported. Numerous homes were destroyed. 

First Baptist Church of Van Buren, Mo., 25 miles from Poplar Bluff, was completely underwater and totally destroyed. The church had an unusual request for help: One of their needs was for choir music.

“Hey pastors, music directors and choir members—my husband, Ron Robinson, pastor at First Baptist Church Van Buren, Missouri has a challenge for you,” Teri Robinson said in a post on Facebook on May 17.

The post continued, “Our church was completely destroyed by floods. Tons of choir music was lost—we have nothing. Here is the challenge—would (yo)u pick your favorite Christian song, choir anthem or praise music and pull from your church library or purchase/give 25 copies for our choir? Would you please put your churches name on them so we can pray for and thank your church when our choir sings it(?) If you are up for the challenge—please ship to Rev Ron Robinson, P.O. Box 355, Van Buren, MO. 63965.”

Crittenden Baptist Church’s pastor, Doug Miller, responded to the call with a Facebook post of his own, calling for his church and his association to give.

“Any time I hear or see where a church has been hit by fire or flood my heart goes out to them. Much prayer is lifted up on their behalf,” Miller said, explaining that this “God-given burden” has brought him to go help with many churches in this situation since Hurricane Katrina.

“In the case of FBC, Van Buren, they have sent out a specific request. It isn’t extravagant. I know our church has shelves of music that hasn’t been touched in many years. My questions are to those who are tasked with oversight of those resources. Same for the churches of our association,” he continued.

“Apparently, this is a church who loves music,” he said.

Miller challenged every Kentucky Baptist church to do the same. “What could we do if each KBC church would only send one piece of music?”

“Too much music? They can share, but I’ve never heard a minister of music complain that they have too much. I simply see this opportunity as a win/win for any and all churches that will send one or two pieces of choir music to them,” he said.

In addition, other Kentucky Baptist churches helped with flood recovery, including First Baptist Church of Princeton who helped with home recovery in the area, as well as the Disaster Relief teams from many states. (WR)