Kentucky Changers ‘have an agenda’

Originally published in Western Recorder –

Russellville—Cody Lockhart started coming to Kentucky Changers 12 years ago as a teenager. He now returns each year as a crew leader. This year, his Russellville roofing projects concludes his 30th Kentucky Changers project. He “fell in love” with the work and worship surrounding Changers, he shared.

“When I first started out, I didn’t really want to be here if I’m being completely honest,” Lockhart, a member of Clear Fork Baptist Church in Rockport, said.  “A weeks’ worth of hard manual labor did not sound like a great way to spend my summer.” Still, at the request of a good friend, he decided to give it a try. Continue reading “Kentucky Changers ‘have an agenda’”


Refugee simulation brings ‘chaos’ to life

Originally published at Baptist Press –

DALLAS (BP) — Personal belongings are confiscated, and a participant is stripped of his or her individuality. They become a number. Government workers with stern faces instruct them to face forward. No talking. They’re ushered through a curtain and instructed to write down the names of four loved ones. These are the people they may take with them. No further instruction is given.

During this refugee camp simulation, participants are to grab three items from buckets. They haven’t been told why. No one tells them where they’re going. Harshly, they’re ushered from station to station. A guard with a military uniform and a bat is speaking a foreign language. One participant starts to ask questions. She’s taken away from the group. At the medical station, they’re checked for lice. At the food station they’re informed they must eat. They may not have another chance to for days. Continue reading “Refugee simulation brings ‘chaos’ to life”

TX governor thanks SBC for help ‘tragedy after tragedy’

Originally published at Baptist Press –

DALLAS (BP) — Texas Governor Greg Abbott thanked Southern Baptists Tuesday (June 12) for their prayers and hands-on aid during times of crisis in Texas over the last year.

While addressing the Southern Baptist Convention at their annual meeting in Dallas, he specifically noted their response following last year’s shooting at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey and the more recent shooting at Santa Fe High School.

“Thank y’all so very much, and Pastor Gaines, thank you for being there during the tragedy of Sutherland Springs, just like so many people from Baptist churches across the entire nation have joined with Texas in tragedy after tragedy,” Abbott shared. Continue reading “TX governor thanks SBC for help ‘tragedy after tragedy’”