Photojournalism Project

Baptist Press PhotoBaptist Press photo

Cutline: “Donna Price of Kingsland Baptist Church in Richmond, Va., was part of a prayer team that covered various parts of the church building in prayer at the Transformation Center in Brooklyn, Md., on June 7 as part of the annual Crossover evangelistic outreaches that precede the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. The center is part of the vision of Streetlite church in Baltimore to ‘intentionally and strategically establish a ministry presence in the impoverished neighborhoods throughout Baltimore and communities throughout the world.’”

Photographer: Matt Miller

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Press Release Analysis

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Samaritan’s Purse International Relief released a press release about the Ebola crisis in Africa. The headline was an attention-getter because the Ebola crisis is an extremely newsworthy topic, and it introduces the fact that an actual Ebola survivor is helping with the efforts.  The lead of the news release is just as engaging. It reads as a news story because it provides details about the Ebola crisis at the beginning of the release. The organization does not even mention itself until the third sentence. Continue reading “Press Release Analysis”