London music minister retires after over 3 decades

Originally published in Western Recorder-

LONDON—Jerry Wright, minister of music at First Baptist Church of London, retired in January after nearly 35 years of ministry at the church.

Wright has, in addition to being a faithful servant at First Baptist, been active in Kentucky Baptist life as well as his community. He is an active member of the Kentucky Baptist Men’s Chorale and a community chorus.

“I wish every KBC church could have someone on their staff like Jerry Wright,” Jason Stewart, the KBC worship and music consultant, said. “Jerry has impacted thousands of lives through his talents and gifts and the ministry he has given through the years has an impact we’ll never know until heaven.” Continue reading “London music minister retires after over 3 decades”


REFOCUS Beougher: Perfect opportunities rarely happen, so seize the good ones

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Prestonsburg—A perfect opportunity to share the gospel with the lost will rarely present itself, Timothy Beougher, associate dean and professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, shared during the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s REFOCUS evangelism equipping event.

Therefore, “we need to seize good opportunities,” Beougher urged at the event that was held in six different locations across the commonwealth.

Training was broken into two sections: 1) Preparing for gospel conversations and 2) Pursuing gospel conversations.

To “prepare for gospel conversations,” one must prepare his or her heart and eyes, Beougher said. He suggested preparing in the following ways: Continue reading “REFOCUS Beougher: Perfect opportunities rarely happen, so seize the good ones”

Frankfort pastor’s wife recounts Hawaii missile threat experience

Originally published in Western Recorder-

HONOLULU—Buck Run Baptist’s pastor and Southern Seminary professor Hershael York’s Hawaii vacation with his wife, Tanya, and 85-year-old mother became what they thought was a near-death experience in a matter of minutes.

He and Tanya had decided to take his mother on a long vacation to Hawaii’s Big Island, while her health permitted. On the morning of Jan. 13, their phones rang out with the alarming message: “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.”

“I thought it was a cruel joke for somebody to do that to my mother-in-law. But the tone came again. And I checked my phone and sure enough it said it on my phone,” Tanya said. Continue reading “Frankfort pastor’s wife recounts Hawaii missile threat experience”