Look to Jesus’ example, Ky. pastors urged

Originally published in Western Recorder – http://www.westernrecorder.org/2054.article

LOUISVILLE—“What do you do when you don’t know what to do?” asked Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans.

Every person has had “those times in your life, in your ministry, where you have to make a choice, a decision, but you really don’t know what to do,” Luter, the first African-American president of the Southern Baptist Convention, told those attending the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Pastors’ Conference Nov. 13. “Who do you turn to for such a critical hour in your life?” he asked. Continue reading “Look to Jesus’ example, Ky. pastors urged”


Biographies to inspire

A couple weeks ago, I tweeted that I needed suggestions for a good biography to read over my winter lull. One of my followers responded with a long list of ideas. Another responded with, “Who reads biographies for fun???”

I thought, “Me! I do.” And right now, as I sit at my desk in the Kentucky Baptist Convention building with a list of stories to write and pages to proof, I undoubtedly am here because these biographies shaped my life.

Truth is, they made me want to give my life to do something for Christ, and they made me realize the importance of telling stories. Today, I combine those two passions in a way teenage me would have never imagined possible. Continue reading “Biographies to inspire”

GA JAM emphasizes missions and sports

Originally published in Western Recorder – http://westernrecorder.org/2036.article

HOPKINSVILLE—Around 300 Girls in Action and their leaders gathered at First Baptist Church of Hopkinsville Nov. 4 for GA JAM. Together, they collected more than 100 backpacks for the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s emphasis on Christmas Backpacks and a $566 offering. Continue reading “GA JAM emphasizes missions and sports”